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Project #5: In blending styles

Sep 23, 2024 - Oct 1, 2024
Alfredo Bernardini

With Baroque oboist Alfredo Bernardini leading the way, the members of EUBO will breathe life into orchestral works by Telemann and Bach, celebrated pieces from their lifetimes. Telemann’s compositions resonate with impressions and styles drawn from various countries. Fueled by his curiosity for the unknown, he ventured beyond conventional horizons, earning widespread esteem across Europe. Embracing that same spirit of curiosity, the members of EUBO will skillfully juxtapose Telemann’s works with Bach’s fourth orchestral suite.

This residency marks EUBO’s much-anticipated return to Germany since its relaunch, making a joyous comeback to Kloster Michaelstein in Blankenburg.


Georg Philipp Telemann Ouverture-Suite in C Major TWV55:C6
Georg Philipp Telemann Concerto in C minor TWV51:c1
Johann Sebastian Bach Sinfonia from the second part of the cantata Die Elenden sollen essen BWV 75
Johann Sebastian Bach Orchestral Suite No. 4 in D Major BWV 1069